Enabling rapid and accurate rebuilds

OneDeploy delivers a fully automated, zero touch, standardised Windows user deployment experience

Enabling rapid and accurate rebuilds following device failures

Following device failures in remote offices or outlets, OneDeploy enables highly reliable in-situ re-builds to be carried out easily, using the very latest standardised builds with all relevant applications and drivers being applied without moving the device to HQ for further diagnoses and rebuilds.

This capability reduces hardware-linked calls into service desks by as much as 50% and gets remote workers’ devices back up and running in a fraction of the time –virtually eliminating productivity losses when devices go down.

But typically, when devices in the field or branch offices fail and a central IT helpdesk receives a call from a remote user to this effect, IT staff will go through a diagnostic process to understand the problem.

If it is not easily diagnosed remotely the conclusion, very often, is that there is a hardware fault demanding a rebuild by their hardware support partner or internal support equivalent.

At this stage, very often the device’s hard drive will be swapped for a new blank HDD, and a questionable OS image deployed onto that drive.

But when the PC is returned and turned back on, several applications may not work properly. Drivers may be disabled or Windows may not even be installed at all. All too often the still-faulty device is then returned (possibly for the second time) to the central IT department. All the while time, cost and lost productivity are hitting the bottom-line.

OneDeploy helps significantly in two key areas in this scenario:

Using OneDeploy an in-situ rebuild of a machine can be initiated remotely, taking it back to a known good state. In this scenario, the user will be asked not to use the faulty machine for perhaps 45-minutes while the unattended rebuild is completed via OneDeploy. When completed, they can assess if the fault still exists.

If it doesn’t, the user can immediately carry on working as they were before. If it doesn’t work after resetting to a known good standard, then the IT department can have reasonable confidence that the device has a hardware fault (because when OneDeploy rebuilds a machine it totally wipes it and builds from the ground up). In this scenario, the hardware support partner can continue without the device having to be returned to the central IT department to be rebuilt.

Because OneDeploy offers a unified and fully-distributed solution, when that PC is rebuilt remotely it will not only have the very latest editions of the standard build but it will have all those vital applications and drivers which will make it work as new.

Both of these factors mean that OneDeploy ensures service is restored to users much quicker than in traditional redeployment processes. Our rebuild in-situ solution reduces hardware support calls by as much as 50% - delivering direct savings by reducing support engineer resources needed and virtually eliminating user productivity losses.


Technology moves fast and the systems you use today will need deployment solutions that work with the systems you use tomorrow. To ensure the quality and robustness of OneDeploy, we have a very active R&D Department that tests both software and hardware continuously. This ensures OneDeploy continues to be developed and remains an effective, practical and flexible tool to handle remote operating system deployments, and re-installs across any number of Windows PCs, servers, laptops and tablets. We pride ourselves in providing our license holders with unrivalled support, recommendations and solutions tailored to their own individual requirements.
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